What’s your Hope?

What's Your Hope?
44°57'12.5"N 93°13'49.2"W
Latitude 44.95 -Longitude 93.23

Performed as part of The Green way Glow
on Saturday September 26 2020

An 29 Foot x 58 Foot site specific out door audio installation at an elevation of 830 Feet on the Minneapolis Minnesota Midtown Green way, at the South West corner of E 27 Street and 29Th Avenue South

Thanks Josh Mead , Lonnie Stoner , Maddy Brown and Glow organizer Soren Jensen
and the city of Minneapolis


Dylan Ritchie – Drums & Loops
Manny Catties – Violin , Electronics , Bells, Chimes
Jennifer Catties -Bells & Chimes
Julie Unruly Brown- Electronics , Bells , Chimes
Darren Brown -Site Coordinator , Microphone's & Loops
Location recordings by Tom Michaels
Recordings condensed by Darren Brown
This release is a companion recording to "Solar Mountain "