2010 Release on After Music Recordings

Boy Dirt Car is always attempting to move ahead, changing from release torelease. In a strange way, we are much more in control of the noise we create—not total control," Brown says of the sextet's creative process.
That process results in an aesthetic that may be appreciated worldwide, but is rooted where the band members call home. Some may describe what Boy Dirt Car does as “industrial music,” and a certain kind of industriousness has something to do with its distinction as such.

number 745
week 35

BOY DIRT CAR - FAMILIA (LP by Aftermusic Records)
After Music Records announce Boy Dirt Car to be one of 'America's
premier noise bands', from the 80s, which is of course media talk,
and after a long disappearance they already did a comeback CD
'Spoken Answer To A Silent Question' (see Vital Weekly 605) and
now come back, again, with a LP with the classic line up, albeit still
without Eric Lunde. But Darren Brown is still there, along with
compadre's as Dave Szolwinski, Dan Kubinski, Keith Brammer,
Steve Whalen and Jeff Hamilton plus a couple of guests. We have
here a record that is more noise based than their previous CD,
using lots of guitar, bass and metal percussion and a crazy set up of
cut up vocals and voices. Much more unsettling than the rock
drones offered on 'Spoken Answer To A Silent Question', with a
large role played by the vocals of Darren Brown (we remember his
industrial music poetry project Impact Test very well). No careful
constructed ambient industrial patterns this time but two sides of
mayhem. Hardly composed
as such, but instead it seems thrown on the magnetic tape, splicing
unrelated parts together. While the cover lists individual tracks, the
whole thing comes across as a long track, for some convenience (?)
sake given a bunch of titles. The mayhem doesn't constitute of just
pure noise, or pure feedback, but, on the other hand its a great
collage of sound snippets, instrument abuse and electro-acoustic
rumble taking to an extreme. Excellent noise stuff. Two different
approaches - the previous CD and this LP - but both with a great
quality. (FdW)


Darren Brown
Dave Szolwinski,
Dan Kubinski,
Keith Brammer,
Steve Whalen
Jeff Hamilton
Josh Mead
Mike Sawer
Rick McCollum